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About The Game

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Vectromirror is a unique puzzle based platforming experience. In this single player game, you follow they story of an android, who is seemingly the last piece of intelligent “life” on the planet. You must explore different, colorful and abstract worlds in order to find and solve puzzles that will lead you to and through the mysterious mirrors. These mirrors act as portals which take you to a variety of worlds, each one different from the last. Once inside these portals you will come to realize one thing: The only way out, is the way through.


There are three mechanics that make Vectromirror unique. Use your skills to chain these things mechanics together in order to make Vectromirror the most epic platforming experience that you can.

Gravity Shot

The gravity shot acts somewhat as a pull. The player is able to aim and fire the gravity shot and attract certain abject to the point of impact. This can be used to bring platforms closer so that the player can progress.

Anti-gravity Shot

The anti-gravity shot is the opposite of the gravity shot. Instead of pulling objects toward the point of impact, the anti-gravity shot will repel the objects away. This can be used as a method of clearing a path for the player.

Free Running

To maneuver around the world in Vectromirror, the player will have to use their ability to free run. Some of the environment will be in incorporated into this as well as the ability to wall run and double jump. Free running must be mastered and can be botched if the player does not time the jumps correctly.

Game World

The game world is made up of two different planes. The physical world and the digital world. The physical plane is much like the world we know. This world has trees, buildings, grass, etc. All things that are familial to us. However, the digital plane is something totally different. This world does not consist of many objects that we would consider normal. This world is a wonder that must be explored in order to get the full sense of what it is.


Vectromirror draws its creative inspiration, both in art and design, from various influences in pop culture. Starting as early as 1982 and as recently as 2014, Vectromirror hopes to capture the attention of those individuals who loved these types of media.

Release Date

To Be Determined