Major Projects

BiT Evolution

Release Date: Available Now

BiT Evolution is a modern-retro platformer that pays homage to video gaming from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. This single player game follows the story of the main character, BiT, a simple puck from a table tennis game, finds his way outside the world and into the realm of code; A mysterious place found between game levels. There, he explores multiple platformers and game types, with the visual aesthetic of each game evolving with time.


Release Date: TBD

Vectromirror is a unique puzzle based platforming experience. In this single player game, you follow they story of an android, who is seemingly the last piece of intelligent “life” on the planet. You must explore different, colorful and abstract worlds in order to find and solve puzzles that will lead you to and through the mysterious mirrors.

Not Without You

Release Date: 2018

Not Without You is a topdown puzzle game in which the player controls the Pilcri, a thought to be imaginary species. A scientist has captured the mythological Pilcri in order to study them in a  controlled environment. Lead the Pilcri through a number of puzzling environments to help them escape and return to their natural habitat.

Upcoming Project

Release Date: TBD

The next project is currently being developed. More details, release date and platforms will be announced in time.

Coming Soon