Work With Us

Major Games is a small independent video game studio who believes in one thing: Making the kind of games that we want to make. Everyone at Major Games has equal input into the projects that they are working on. We want team members to feel ownership over the games that they are helping to create. By having a diverse team, who collaborates regularly on every project, we are able to broaden our horizons and collectively come up with new ideas and unique gameplay experiences.

As of now we do not offer any full-time salaried positions within the company, however this does not mean there isn’t a place for you here at Major Games. We believe in helping people gain experience in an otherwise difficult field to enter by signing them on as independent contractors.

If we said something that resonated with you and you wish to apply to be a contractor on a Major Games project, but none of the positions below apply to you,
please Click Here to begin the application.

Below are the positions that we are in most need of.

Remote Gameplay Programmer


  • Translate game requirements into functioning code
  • Produce prototypes of gameplay ideas and features
  • Creation of technical documentation for individual titles
  • Maintaining the code and resolving errors that are found within it


  • Able to commit at least 20 hours each week to work on Major Games products
  • Experience working with modern game engines such as Unity and Unreal 4
  • Ability to solve problems creatively and effectively
  • Knowledge of programming languages (C++ and C#)

Remote 3D Character Artist


  • Creation of high quality character models for gameplay
  • Texturing character models using material based software
  • Basic rigging of all animated character models
  • Ensuring characters are properly implemented into engine


  • Ability to commit at least 20 hours each week to work on Major Games products
  • Experience working with Maya, Substance, and modern game engines
  • Knowledge of the workflow of creating 3D characters for games
  • Skillful at converting 2D concepts into 3D models