Major Games, Inc. is located in Winter Park, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. We are a small indie game studio founded in 2014 by a number of graduates of the Master’s of Game Design program at Full Sail University. These graduates all had the desire to be free with the games we create. So Major Games was formed and gave it’s employees the opportunity to create their own experiences and share them with the world. Creative freedom is greatly valued here at Major Games. Every single person who works on a title with Major Games has the ability to make decisions on the project’s final outcome.

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    In development

Our first project, BiT Evolution, acted as a way for all of the members of the team to look back at the history of video games, and to learn how many of the games that inspired us were put together. With this basis, we are now able to use everything learned from that project to help us create even better games moving forward. In a way, the “Evolution” that is used in the BiT is an analogy for how we want to develop our own skills over the years and grow over time.

Our Mission

To develop and release the games that we want to make, while providing both unique and familiar interactive experiences, in order to grow ourselves as a company and become self sustaining.